actually, all it does it offer booze to the same shitheads that go out to every other travel meetup in this city time after time but at a bigger place. sure, there’s some top notch editors that come by but they’re too biz to be interrupted and the whole night is just a giant circlejerk as is any other travel meetup (save for RL) with egotistical and card exchanges filling up the space.

so, no, there’s no meeting of travel and technology aside from you checking in on foursquare and tweeting about who you’re hanging with. just same shit, different venue.

So why do it any other way? Why hire writers for custom projects? To make people feel special? That’s probably why you hold a party in a fancy hotel bar, right? Because the guests wouldn’t normally just head to a hotel roof and pay $12 a drink, but you’ve bought out the bar for the first two hours? The party was friendly but ultimately like all other startup parties: serial startup consultants Rex Sorgatz and Rachel Sklar showed up, as did several members of the ad agency Barbarian Group—where Colin Nagy, one of Fortnighter’s founders, also works. All four founders — Nagy, Kalifowitz, Noah Brier and Alex Basek, who I want to make clear are lovely, smart, confident but self-effacing young men—are just moonlighting with this thing (though one hopes to turn it into a full-time job). Justin and Noah were surprised to find I’d just asked my way into the party; everyone else attending was a friend or a friend’s plus-one, which probably proves that the same ten people are doing everything in New York startup-land.
Blackbook rips a new one into Fortnighter and I can’t help but laugh at this spot-on review of startup party environments, but also cringe at the fact that I’m thinking of launching a similar product but in NO WAY want to handle marketing because of these sentiments

Reason 935,721 Bloggers Are Not Reporters


What’s more important, getting attention in the media, or reporting on the stories you want to share with the world?

this made me go: UUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH really loud

I find it fascinating that Andrew just tweeted “who else despises SEO?!” and went on a rant about how much he hates it. BUT. then comments on Matt’s post all supportive.


and what makes me angry is the shitty bloggers with ads and SEO writing get more attention than people who actually know their shit but don’t care about Google rankings.

the world is boring when you get a bajillion hitz traveling the world. or is it?

this entertained me. thanks for the link, Kir. and now I feel compelled to respond. however, these comments, are better:

wow, what a shitty attitude. i guess when traveling around the world for a living becomes ‘all in a days work’ you might feel that way. i’m glad that i’m inexperienced and naive enough to still find wonder and excitement in even the mundane and day-to-day in the new places i visit.

hooray for naivety and excitement, girl!

It’s not I/you/they/we am/are any better, we’re all just different and there’s no one right/better way to “travel”.

again, there is no right or wrong or worse or better way to travel. as long as you’re out there doing what makes you happy. to each his own.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this comment. This entire post reeked of travel snobbery. I think you lost me in the first paragraph, “New travelers remind me that what I do is amazing and they put everything back in perspective for me.”

so glad to see people are speaking up and calling you out, guy.

Honestly, you didn’t even do the bungy jump at Nevis – you took a video of someone else doing it…try to experience life for YOURSELF brutha and maybe things wont be so boring.


Elitist rubbish. You’ve lost me.


I’ve noticed that you used a lot of subjective words like “interesting”, “exciting” and “fun”. These mean something different for everybody so I don’t think you can say that I shouldn’t have high expectations because the world is “boring”. It might be boring to you, not to me.

note to self: don’t use “interesting” “exciting” and “fun” in future travel posts

I can’t help but wonder what the point of this post was? I feel like you’re trying to be that guy who tells an 8 year old that Santa Claus isn’t real.


I do not follow him in any way, the only time I feel compelled to speak up is when people pass this kind of stuff along to me. or ask me in person for my opinion, and I always am honest.

I think what a majority of these people have commented sum up what I would say. the bottom line for me is that as a n00b who’s still naive and young, I find the world VERY exciting. hell, I find eating a cheeseburger exciting. my problem with that post is the underlying problem I have with ALL his posts: universal assumption. stop grouping all travelers together because we’re not all the same. everyone should speak to and on behalf of themselves. it’s only fair.

now if you’ll excuse me, I need to brainstorm how to make my upcoming trip to Bogota interesting, exciting, and fun.


There’s a massive travel blogging conference in NYC this weekend. I opted not to go, firstly because our hometown reception is Saturday and came before this conference, but second, because I’m against it on principle.

Thanks to the Internet, there’s this whole faction of bloggers that has cropped…

you should just unfollow me if you don’t wanna read these anymore.

I just received my first official piece of fan mail. I’ve been receiving non-stop replies, DMs, and comments THANKING ME for being so blunt about this entire situation and ya know what? WORTH IT. because it’s for the people that talk so much shit behind closed doors that I’m outing the BS. and its for the people who CAN’T say anything because they’ll compromise their jobs that I’m speaking up. what do I have going for me anyway right? I’ll gladly be your loud mouthed ranty travel blogging representative. WITH PRIDE.