did the police put you up to this?

tonight i think the police is out to get me. examples:

+ after more than a year of parking at the train station without ever paying i got a parking ticket for $35 - NOW HOW WILL I CHEAT THE SYSTEM!?! gonna park everywhere else so i can continue to not pay. i personally think it’s BS to charge commuters for parking. you charge me $365 every month to commute to a city 2 hrs away, fuck you.

+ they installed one of those road speed reader thingies on my exit off the highway. that thing has been off since forever and NOW it’s on. too bad its hard to speed on that exit considering its a wicked turn, fuck you highway patrol.

+ they built 3 speed bumps near the school up my road AND a cop was hiding right at the school to catch speeders. i didn’t slow down bc i think at 8:30pm on a summer night i should be allowed to go 35mph if school isn’t in session. fuck you cop, i’ll resume my normal speed.

FMCL: 5 Rules Every Commuter Should Abide By

ok so it’s been a week later that i promised i’d share my commuting rules. but i totally am ready now. this post will most likely only be enjoyed by my good friend jess who is a fellow commuter. both of us have shared similar horror stories and believe in the 5 rules i’ve listed below. also, you’ll probably think we’re bitches for listing these rules, but after you’ve commuted for say three years like me, you’ll understand why. so here they are:

  1. don’t wake up the passenger who’s passed out asleep in their seat so you can sit down next to them. it’s just inconsiderate and annoying. if they’re asleep just move on to the next available seat, chances are there’s a better seat somewhere else. but don’t interrupt their slumber and wake them in a panic
  2. don’t touch or even dare to take it upon yourself to move another passenger’s belongings to sit down in their seat. no one likes their things touched and it’s also quite rude. just say excuse me and be polite. and don’t be shocked to get a ‘tude if you continue to sit down once you’ve touched their shit
  3. don’t be stern or rude when asking to sit at someone’s seat AND don’t just sit down without asking. you never know if someone’s saving that seat or even simpler, what if that person’s sick and doesn’t want someone to sit next to them and spread germs? we know its 8am and you’re tired and want to sit but don’t just be a priss
  4. avoid at all costs sitting in that seat next to someone you can barely fit into. don’t be THAT person who’s gotta hold up all the passengers behind you because you wanna fit you and your 16 bags of shit in that tiny ass seat. the person already sitting there can barely sit comfortably, how do you expect to pull this off now too? just find another seat, say one with a 3-seater?
  5. do not engage in a full on phone convo in the early morning. its 8am, no one HAS to talk to someone THAT bad that damn early. and on the same note don’t be a bizrobot and call your office about all the important shit you gotta do that day. no one cares and you don’t need to be that bragtastic about the client you’re talking with. just sit down and read a book or something, this is the morning train ride you should appreciate NOT having to deal with any work.
  6. (yes I know I said 5 but I just thought of another rule) GET OFF YOUR CRACKBERRY! honestly, do you REALLY need to check your emails at 8am or at the end of your day? don’t you want to just relax before and after you get into work? the last thing on your mind should be work at these times! get a life! put. the. phone. down. this rule applies to you iPhone huggers too.

ok there they are the 5 rules (plus 1) that jess and i believe in. these are more like pet peeves, but should be respected anyway.

and yes i complain about everything too much. deal.

commuting = FML

im getting physically sick from commuting to/from nyc. i’ve done this gig on and off for about 3 years and i think its taking its toll on me. i’m tired of waking up ass early before all my coworkers to arrive later than them, i’m tired of trains not running often so i’m stuck in the station for 2 hrs waiting to go home, i’m tired of having to cut my nights early so i don’t miss my train home, i’m tired of paying for parking, i’m tired of paying a ridic amount of $ to ride the train, i’m tired of it being ass cold on hte train when its still cold outside, and i’m tired of having to simply commute in general. idk how these other people do it for years on end honestly. i know nyc is expensive to live in but its like you have no life as a commuter, and i can’t have that. i think from now on i’m going to stay with friends for part of my week so i don’t have to travel back and forth so much. i feel myself getting sick like a flu or something because im physically exhausted from this shit. can’t someone just like let me sublet their apartment here in nyc? something’s gotta give.