Can I just tell you one time the way I feel about you? Pamela. I’m in love with you; yea it’s that bad. You’re so beautiful to me. SHUT UP. Let me tell you, let me. Every time I look at your face or even remember it, it wrecks me. And the way you are with me, just fun and you shit all over me and you make fun of me and you’re real. I don’t have enough time in any day to think about you enough. I feel like I’m gonna live a thousand years cuz that’s how long it’s gonna take for me to have one thought about you - which is that I’m crazy about you, Pamela. I don’t wanna be with anyone else, I don’t, I really don’t. I don’t think about women anymore, I think about you. I had a dream the other night that you and I were on a train; we were on this train and you were holding my hand. That was the dream, and I woke up and I felt you holding my hand. I woke up and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t real. I’m sick in love with you, Pamela. It’s like a condition, it’s like polio. I feel like I’m gonna die if I can’t be with you. and I can’t be with you, so I’m gonna die. And I don’t care cuz I was brought into existence to know you and that’s enough. And the idea that you would want me back, it’s like greedy. I’m doing a bad job with this.
Louis CK - “Pamela”