mad woman.

I’m sitting here with every browser open full with multiple tabs, my calendar, my weekly planner, a big notepad, my moleskine, Excel spreadsheets, Evernote list, and Twitter stream thinking about how August flew by, September is shot, October is my away time, and Uruguay at some point completely overwhelmed at my inbox staring back at me, requests in line, events to book and promote, people to invite and meetup with, and I am just losing it. 

I feel like waking up tomorrow at the break of down, running off to some coffee shop no one knows, and secluding myself for the entire morning until this massive to do list is crossed off. 

I’m not crazy, right?

warning: to IRL friends who may be seeing me over the next 11 days

tomorrow is a big day.

Tuesday is an even bigger day.

the 17th is the best day.

if you try contacting me in any way and I don’t reply or give you a short answer or seem snarky, it’s because I’m on edge and just want to get through the next 11 days without dumb shit in the way. so asking me stupid little questions really won’t help, especially if they’re not an emergency.

I’ll try my best to not be a crazy person over the next week or so, but if you’ve seen me lately, you know it’s probably not possible.

anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up whether you care or not.

carry on.