“I think my stomach’s trying to eat itself,” Grant says as we make our way along the sand-sprinkled, tiled promenade. The streets lined with moonlit 19th-century buildings steer us to loud, bustling bars with gritty, distinguished storefronts and Basque-lettered awnings. We decide to try eating at as many of them as humanly possible.

A Fork in the Road

this sums up my entire trip to Spain. WHY DON’T I LIVE THERE!? is something I ask myself every fucking day.

Pro Tapas Counter Culture

  • BOURDAIN: We will never have tapas culture in America. Never. Ever. So you're looking to change the entire day, from the minute you get up in the morning in America. Nap in the afternoon. Are you out of your mind?
  • ZAMBONI: I want to. . . walk to my bar. I want to have a little beer.
  • BOURDAIN: Yes, I want a golden unicorn that shits money. Both of those scenarios are equally likely.