Spain Trip Recap:

Just in case you’ve missed out on my trip last month to Spain, here are the links to all my photos, journal entries, and reviews. The reason I’ve been so giddy over this trip is because it was my first female solo backpacking trip, so I gained my Travel Geek points! Plus, it was too amazing to not keep bragging about. I miss it already.


Help Me Take My Travel Geek Plunge

Spain or bust?!: why I want to go to Spain

"I’m on my way": the Travel Geek jitters

"Viva Spain!" Trip on Sosauce: destinations, points of interests, interactive map, tips, and photos

Photo Albums: Barcelona, Tarragona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Madrid

Barcelona: Supercool city of architecture, people, and summer weather

Wining & Dining in Catalonia

my next article I’m working on is a photo essay of my favorite places in Spain. stay tuned!


#PREBEX Travel Meet Up!


We love travel. We also love beer.

If you share these two loves, join us at a pre-TBEX aka #PREBEX happy hour meet up with our Travel Geek friends in New York City on Thursday, June 24th. We’ll be at the Ace Hotel starting a night of drinks, winks, and clinks at 7pm. 

This is an open invite, so come one, come all! Follow the event with us on Twitter (@Sosauce) with the hashtag #PREBEX which was founded by our friend Andrew @BrooklynNomad

See you there!

Come say goodbye to me, and buy me a drink!