since when was porn allowed to be shown on the big screen?

i saw bruno last night w/ my hometown guy friends. my response walking away from that movie: humorous, disturbing, and a bit disappointed.

i wanna know who the person is that suddenly decided it was ok to show penises in movies. like when did this become ok? and why blur out an orgy when u have a massive dong flying around on screen? i don’t get it. it’s a funny movie for sure and he tests LOTS of buttons, but i was expecting a stronger sense of “wow” from the people he encounters. i feel like borat was a lot worse in the way that people said things if not reacted to him, like there were real threats. i think scenes in bruno were rushed and so just when u think he’s going to get hit or something, the scene is over and he’s moved onto something else. i had no idea the whole movie was about homophobia til i read an article about an hour before i saw the movie. i think it’s def interesting for him to go that route and i personally don’t have any problem with gay men. i don’t feel uncomfortable around gay men or women. in fact, i glee if i see 2 gay guys holding hands or kissing, i’m happy for them damnit they deserve the same respect we do. if anything gay couples look way more stable and happier than straight couples. but i digress. the whole point of the movie is to show how ridic us Americans are and how ignorant we are when it comes to sexuality, especially homosexuality. so you’re sposed to laugh at these people while also realizing perhaps your own mistakes in judging others. so the gay stuff didn’t bother me at all. it was actually the massive orgy scenes and fake boobs flopping around that grossed me out. the last thing that bugged me was my guy friends’ response after the movie. despite watching it and laughing hysterically and calling those people dumb, they still remain ignorant and unchanged. they still made gay jokes calling 2 guys kissingĀ  “fucking nasty shit” and saying the word “faggot.” now i’m not saying i’m perfect, i say the word “gay” all the time like everyone else. but it’s just like gah u guys are idiots and missed the whole point of the movie! if u still feel that sense of homophobia and slight hatred or displease with gay people, then you’re just like those idiots in the movie. but i guess sometimes you can’t change people’s minds i guess. anyway the movie as a whole could have been better i think and i def like borat better. my only real shock is how can sacha baron cohen go ahead and part-take in such scenes like in bruno, but still come home a hot wife who supports and accepts it? fucking lucky man.

sosauce is full of characters. but sometimes i cant deal. i always say something stupid/embarassing under my breath and then everyone turns around to butt in. so i look like a fool. there can’t be a private discussion here bc everyone just has to get their 2 cents in, it’s a bit annoying after a while. don’t get me wrong i love these people, just hate when these awkward situations come up.