I was JUST thinking about this recently. why everyone is flipping out over ‘Yonce loving sex, yet, Janet did that shit back in the day. I mean have you seen Janet’s live performances? IN A PRO PROS. 

I remember being young and not allowed to listen to Janet but secretly watching her videos and definitely feeling like this was not age appropriate for me. but also secretly feeling like “yea, I wanna be that confident when I’m older…”

anyway, the point is, Janet and Bey rule and no one should tell a woman how she should feel - sexually or not.


Disappointed Brand New Fans



We’re only the crowd who made you. No big deal or anything…” is a reaction many Brand New ”fans” had last night in Long Island after the band’s set list consisted of The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me and Daisy.

As we all know, Brand New has incredibly dedicated fans who love the band endlessly, so they decided to leave the show early when the band decided not to play Deja Entendu. They also took it upon themselves to chant “Deja” during the opening song of Daisy. Check out screenshots from the Disappointed Brand New Fans Tumblr below after the jump.

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this is so hysterical to me but also I knew this was gonna happen because Brand New is one of those bands who refuses to play any old shit so why even bother to get tix if you know they’re not gonna bother to play what you wanna hear.

Anthony Green - “I’ll Miss You” 

good morning. I had just put on my makeup and new lipstick and my hair was big and awesome and I totally began channeling my inner Beyonce “Flawless” and then I got on the subway and this song came on and I broke down in tears. so hey, Monday, you’re doing me swell so far.

can you guess why I lost it? only four months after and nope. I still can’t.

The way you live your life 
Like you’re running out of time,
I’m gonna miss that
(I’m gonna miss that)

The way you do the things you love with so much love
All I remember is us raising hell and having the best time,
I’ll always call on it and just so you know,
I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you

The way you loved your friends 
Like just in case this ends,
You’ve got to go on and cherish your life,
Living up every moment and you’ll be alright,
All I remember is us raising hell, I’ll miss you
Live every moment like this is the end,
Spend all your time with your family and friends,
All I remember is us raising hell,
I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you
Oh, I’ll miss you, oh, I’ll miss you, 
Oh, I’ll miss you…