this morning’s conversation:

I’m basically living the life of a 55 year old woman. I now fall asleep most weekends before 9pm and wake up angrily to sounds of weird animals outside my window around 8:45am to which I shower and immediately am off in search of breakfast and coffee. then I go to the farmers market to ponder that night’s dinner, which I end up cooking around 4pm because God knows I want to be back in bed sleeping before 9pm. 

this morning was pretty much like that but with more conversations about being terrified of being children (for A LOT of reasons but mainly) because restaurants will reject you at brunch.

also when you’re 55 you’re on a very fixed income, which after a few months of fun, I’ve realized I’m back on and have no room for an emergency fund.

so, long story short, I -again- do not feel my age.

I know, I know. I’ve been whoring myself around with press lately. but it’s for a good cause. I’m trying to share my own career experiences to motivate young people to get off their asses, stop blaming the economy, and take charge of their own professional life.

so for those who constantly ask why and how I became a freelancer, here’s the low down.

I hope you learn something new about me!