I sounded really unappreciative in that last post.

me disculpe. 

I did really enjoy Lisbon, it was great to walk everywhere and lose yourself in the middle of the city. the boof couldn’t have been more wonderful and supportive and easy going which was amazing.

I think the evenings were my favorite. the lights and views were best then. the walking and talking was better, too.

I wish I saw the Portugal I’ve seen in movies, perhaps I should have visited the country side.

I still think Spain is better. my heart is just there. also they’re nicer to me.

photos to come soon.

I have mixed feelings about this trip. For one, I realized my tolerance slash patience for traveling is getting shorter. I can’t stand or understand or even begin to cae for tourists, entire family vacations with ma and pa holding a guidebook and taking photos and videos every where they walk, I don’t understand why’d you want to be a backpacker, I don’t get visiting only major cities, and I hate tourist traps especially those stupid sightseeing buses.

At least frenchie was happy and easy to deal with. Poor guy had to deal with a few times of me freaking out over minor mishaps.

I absolutely do not like nor appreciate Judgemental Jerrys in Europe. Sorry, Portugal that I don’t know your language and can only speak Spanish but I’m also not from Spain so leave your attitude at the door, thanks. Speaking English is worse to me than butchering your pronunciation.

The native tongue here is confusing, though I kind of am intrigued. I should have tried to learn something but I had no time.

Walking, eating, and drinking, is all I did. I can only remember very few specifics. Mostly, my days were enjoyable and highly exhausting. My evenings were romantic and sweet and quiet and what I’ve been waiting for.

I hate taking photos now. Meh, hate is a strong word. Maybe I just don’t even care to anymore. Why bother? No one will understand what that moment was like, or the scenery or the breath taking views. It’s all in my mind anyway, and for only me to appreciate.

What was I supposed to see here? Where were all the monuments and stuff? I probably missed something. Oh well.

I’m not entirely satisfied, though I don’t think it has to do with Lisbon or Portugal rather a bigger need to be elsewhere. For a longer amount of time. And not return home.

Being an expat is not my thing, I don’t get that decision either. Teaching English or moving in with a lover seems so not original, I don’t know I’m kind of over those stories. Sorry, I know.

I return tomorrow might. Part of me hopes we get stuck and have to stay in Madrid over night. I’ll be fine with my tortilla and cafe con leche and Spanish speakers.

this iPad is dumb.


What I’ve done so far: eat all the food, drink all the coffee, drink all the beer, walk all the streets.

I’ve got nothing to really tell you guys except that I am enjoying not having my phone, not answering emails, not caring who needs to get in touch me, and avoiding the real world.

What I do enjoy is sitting for hours outside doing nothing but making chit chat with the boof, walking around aimlessly, and tasting anything we want.

Also I ruined my shoes in the rain, darn. At least the sun comes out and there is the river and nice buildings everywhere!

Oh! And my Spanish is so working here. Speaking Portuguese? Not so much.