I’m a rebel?

I really love talking to youngens about careers and job searching and entrepreneurship and freelancing and all that good stuff. but only if it means they’re going to go against the grain, not feed into the hype, be mundane and typical, or boring. if you want my help, I’m here for ya. but know that I’m a wise-ass who will tell you to work for yourself before you commit to the capitalist dogma you spend your waking life bitching about.

hear me out

I know I’m going around advocating this whole HEY BE A FREELANCER AND START YOUR OWN COMPANY thing but when you sign into your bank account and there $0 in your checking, a credit card bill over $1000 and $85 in your savings, MAYBE its time to rethink priorities here, and kick your clients in the balls.

so ya know, I think it’s time I settle for a part-time job and sacrifice sleeping in for a bit so I can actually afford to live a little.

event planning 101

if you’re going to host a meetup through meetup.com but then open it to the public, get a little organized at the door. and maybe if the hosts of the event are big time pros, take a few mins at the beginning and end of the meetup to introduce yourselves, thank your attendees, and encourage networking. 

forgive me for being anal, but ya know, I just wanna be prepared when I walk into a room full of 100 strangers who I’m bum rushed to be “mingling” with.

other than that - hey great to see all of you!