NADD can advance your career… if you’re in the right career. Ever worked at a start-up? Ever shipped software? What are the last few weeks like? We call it the fire drill because everyone is running around like crazy people doing random, unexpected shit. NADD is the perfect disease for managing this situation. It develops the skills to sift through the colossal amount of useless noise and hear what’s relevant.

N.A.D.D.: Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder

new favorite dude on the internet.


a few of my favorite excerpts from this article in which I, too, am also going under the radar, off the grid, disconnecting, whatever the hell you want to call it where I decided to make offline activity undocumented: 

I think I’m on track to figure some stuff out about how to live in a modern society without being purely shaped by it. Not everything, but maybe just a little bit.

"I just wasn’t made for these times," sing The Beach Boys. "Sometimes I feel very sad," goes the refrain, and sometimes I do, indeed, feel very sad. But after switching myself to a pre-internet era, I can assure you "these times" don’t have much to do with it. It’s just, you know, life.

Every untweeted observation of daily life was more sacred.

I don’t miss the internet at all. It doesn’t factor into my daily life. I don’t say to myself, “ugh, I wish I could just use the internet to do that.” It’s more like it doesn’t exist for me.

more on this decision later.