one step closer to underwear pancake.

listen, I tried, okay?

today was pretty swell overall. because I:

  • received my first care package from LostCrates
  • enjoyed a #TREATYOSELF solo brunch at TomsĀ 
  • coworked at a bar in my ‘hood
  • with a new Tumblrer friend
  • who’s got amazing ideas and is pretty awesome
  • ordered in dinner
  • took a class on abandoned historic spots of NYC
  • to which I am now forever creeped out but fascinated
  • went to a “non office holiday dance party” in Gowanus
  • channeled Liz Lemon dancing with the girls
  • we’ll see
  • drank for the 4th straight night in a row this week
  • will sleep in all the morning tomorrow

ok bye.