a freelancer’s plea

I’ve just returned from a bizarre (see old people slash weirdos post previously) but informational freelancers meeting and now think I’m in the shit. given this month’s lack of productivity because of client disputes, I’m now thinking it’s time I take some serious steps for my business if I ever want to get better at owning this thing.

so, if you guys know anyone who’s knowledgeable in the following, please pass them my way!

  • B2B / traditional marketing
  • registering an LLC or sole¬†proprietorship
  • contract laws/legalities/rights


this morning I spent about an hour on the phone with Carol (aka NYCity Mama) aka my sassy aunt aka the woman I think I’ll be in another 10 years because I was having a nervous breakdown with recent travel conversations and a job I just quit. as always, she put me in my place and helped me feel better.

and this blog post is a result of our conversation. I suggest you read it if you’re a freelance writer as well.