What Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Says About You


someone who understands that the rivers of love are deep and swift and wide and one could drown in them if one’s not careful, if one doesn’t prepare properly with swimming lessons and life rafts and whatnot.

The Royal Tenenbaums:

You are an old soul. Your family, while small, is in no small way dysfunctional

Hotel Chevalier:

You are a diehard Natalie Portman fan, to the exclusion of anything else. In whispers, people refer to you as pretentious, but you know that’s because they’re just jealous.

ze beatles are everywhere

not until i took my rock n roll class did i become aware of how pervasive the beatles’ music is. its incredible to notice a smidget of a song in a movie or how unfortunate these “remixes” used in commercials are. no wonder they’re the greatest band to ever live. their music is timeless and honestly no one can ever create songs like them ever again. it puts a smile to my face when i hear certain songs pop up. just wish they had control over their own creations. oh well.

ps - the reason i posted this is because i just rewatched “the royal tenenbaums” where “hey jude” is the opening song for the movie. great movie and great song.






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I know I just posted my favourite part from this thing, but seriously.  It’s fucking amazing.

this is probly the coolest thing i’ve seen this morning. love love love it