What advice would Bennett give to a journalist considering a job at a brand-affiliated publication? “Decide if you’re comfortable feeling like a PR person, and if you’re not, make sure you can do content that doesn’t suck. Or just say fuck it and take that $$$$$$,” she says. “No, but seriously, I think it’s possible to create good, compelling content for a brand—and you’ll likely be given the resources to do so, but I think it all depends on the brand and the bosses. One thing to ask: Will your work have to be approved by PR?” Also, be aware that there is a significant culture gap between traditional media companies and tech startups—for better and for worse. “Tumblr has no phones,” Bennett says. “So we get there, and I’m all, ‘I need to do interviews,’ but everyone’s like, ‘Oh, we just use our cellphones.’ This was before they hired a sales team. So I’m conducting interviews on my cellphone, which cuts out constantly, in the hallway in the elevator duct, ‘cause there were also no phone booths. I had Aziz Ansari on the phone one time, and I couldn’t hear a fucking thing he was saying. My phone dies as I’m trying to record it. Ultimately we almost had to kill the interview because it was so bad.” If you do take the leap, don’t expect any more stability than you had at your old-media job. “In the end, Tumblr decided it didn’t work, for reasons we’re not sure of,” Bennett says. “The truth is, I don’t have any regrets about going to work for Tumblr. Getting to experiment in this space—even if it ultimately led to being unemployed after barely a year—was way more exciting than watching budgets shrink, ad pages shrink, and everything else that has happened at old media outlets like Newsweek over the past year.”
The most important thing is to find the thing you’re passionate and focus on it. Passion gives you endless energy to work hard and focus will help you become the best at what you’re doing. We’re big believers in the 10,000 hours rule, and it’s impossible to get there without focus. In regards to making splash, focusing on your own work and your own vision will lead you to what you should be doing rather than looking for a flash-in-the-pan solution or going after what’s popular.
Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck, creators of Cinemagraphs (one of my favorite couples slash bloggers, who if you ever meet in real life, are so insanely nice it’ll make you sick)


Moments ago, I participated in surprise conference call with Tumblr staff members. They have indicated to me that they continue to take issue with Missing e even with the removal of usage of the Tumblr API.

They interpret the Tumblr API License Agreement in such a way as it continues to apply…

excuse me while I throw a nerd rant for a sec but this makes me pretty mad.

I’ve always been a Tumblr advocate, hell I run like 5 of these things, but because your platform sucks ass at a lot of back-end issues, the front-end stuff gets messy to deal with, even as just a single blogger. I’ve been pitching Tumblr clients left and right, despite the minor pitfalls. low and behold Missing e comes along and practically saves community managers lives. and because Tumblr is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars, can’t get enough staff to support the issues of a quickly expanding community, you’re going to kick out the guys that are making your power users happy? GTFOOH. if you all would stop having your precious startup parties and get off your ass to fix the shit that’s making folks like Soup Soup and Brooklyn Mutt angry, you wouldn’t be losing your community’s loyalty. 

I hope the Tumblr staff get a reality check and bring back Missing e, because it’s pretty much one of the biggest reasons us community managers can vouch for tracking an active and noteworthy platform.


BetaBeat runs by far one of the best analyses of Tumblr - the good, the bad, and the ugly - with full honesty and sarcastic jokes, even:

But good news for the cat video lovers, fashion bloggers, designers, musicians, meme-makers, media workers and 14-year old girls who occupy corners of the Tumblr network: Since it started spending its fresh millions, Tumblr seems to be getting its act together. 

btw, BetaBeat should be on everyone’s RSS.

I look at Tumblr as an ingredient in a bigger recipe,” he says. “Tumblr helps facilitate your search efforts, which in turn drives more traffic to your site. This helps give you an indirect return on investment. Tumblr can also help create another indirect return through engagement.
from now on when people ask me “Should I get a Tumblr?” or say, “I don’t get it,” I’ll send them to this article instead.

in anticipation of our Social Media Week panel, Anna and I have created a Tumblr for virtual workspace participants. we’re collecting tips, seeking quirky workstyle ideas, inviting questions, and searching to provide the best package to the modern-day digital nomad.

this Tumblr blog will be the holding place for all of these community tidbits that you can return to, add, and pass along time and again - before, during, and after the panel event. so feel free to follow us and spread the word!

bonus points to anyone who submits videos with their words of wisdom, AND people who snap photos of their GPOY(at)Work for Wednesdays!

thanks to Anna for repping the TBEX NYC Chapter so that we could create such a space on Tumblr :) I hope you all learn and share to your liking