second thoughts?

based on my brief weekend in the city i’ve concluded some things about the people there and some pros/cons if i decided really to move. let’s recap:

  • new yorkers will literally live anywhere (apparently they’re turning old factory outlets into sick ass apartments, who knew?)
  • cleanliness isn’t a priority for people’s homes
  • cats > dogs (not a fan of this)
  • rooftops are all the rage
  • DJs are fo’ serious
  • dance parties are no joke either
  • minimalist living is a popular style
  • public transportation is a headache & a half on weekends/nights
  • dressing in as little clothing possible and/or dressing like you just threw shit together gets you cool points
  • brooklyn is too inconvenient to live there
  • sunday brunch is the best thing ever invented
  • i will never fit in to these crowds

having the entire afternoon to rethink a life here in nyc, i’ve come up with the following pros & cons


+ no major commuting!

+ lighter work schedule

+ easier to get around

+ no car and thus no car payments

+ bigger opportunities for my career

+ closer to all my pro contacts

+ better food

+ more fun to have

+ being able to date more freely

+ easier for me to attend more shows/events i’ve been meaning to

+ chance to live on my own for real

+ i’d be fulfilling a dream


- more bills hence more expensive living

- no car meaning i can’t control getting around OUTSIDE of the city

- being away from my hometown friends & family

- no one would visit me

- living by myself would suck

- buying food more often bc i can’t cook

- dealing with public transportation

- no luxury of having parents take care of me for everything

- not as easy to escape the hustle and bustle (depends maybe?)

- feeling like i’ll never fit in

- taking a giant risk & failing completely

some days i walk away from nyc feeling exhilirant and on top of the world. other days i feel like i’ll never be able to make that leap. i’m scared and torn.

woke up at 230pm. sposed to be on a train at 5pm to nyc for a rooftop bbq dance party. i cannot bring myself to decide if i want to spend 4th of july commuting to brooklyn for a party with nyc friends and having to crash only to come back tmrw. or stay here and find food and force myself to see fireworks i could care less about with hometown friends and save $. the thought of being on a train for like 3 hrs makes me want to kill myself. decisions, decisions…

really all i want is some dunkin donuts right now.